Tron: Is The Token Swap About To Be Completed?

Tron: Is The Token Swap About To Be Completed?

Tron’s Token Swap

After over a year and a whole lot of dollars (very nearly $3 billion), it looks as if Tron is finally going to be able to go live.

TronWe are on the brink of yet another momentous occasion with the very final steps being taken with the movement of the Tron tokens from their temporary Ethereum wallet home to their new Tron wallet abode. This last stage should be completed within the next few hours and will see the Cryptocurrency industry celebrate another major milestone. This is even though this controversial product is already one of the top Cryptocurrencies. What happens once the last of these tokens has been transferred to Tron, will really test the Cryptocurrency for the first time since it was conceived in July 2017. It could go either way!

The aim behind Tron was to “decentralize the internet” however, it remains to be seen what that this actually means and whether this is actually the case. The coming days will certainly see things unfold. It is hoped that the huge amount of money behind the cryptocurrency will ensure that nothing untoward does happen but as with everything Cryptocurrency, nothing is guaranteed because the technology is all so new and the uptake by customers is unknown until the software actually launches.

Tron’s Controversial Moves

There have been several instances where Tron’s ethics have been placed into question over the last year. The decision by the team behind the project to completely change its roadmap did very little to put those fears aside. In fact, it added further fuel to the fire!

No matter what the outcome, Tron has a hard few days ahead of it. Hopefully, the launch will not take days as recently seen with the release of the EOS Blockchain. And as with EOS, the next step for Tron will also be to vote on who the block producers approving the transactions will be. It is expected that the token holders will begin this process tomorrow – Tuesday. The all important go live day will follow on once all of this has been completed successfully.

Will Tron Survive

There are many concerns within the industry as to whether Tron will actually succeed and survive the launch. A lot of these worries derive from the plethora of technologies that sit behind the software. Whether or not these will be able to work together and be scaleable will be the huge test. The team behind Tron are quick to confirm that security is of massive importance to the Cryptocurrency and every step has been taken to safeguard it.

It will certainly be an interesting few days ahead for the Cryptocurrency that is for sure. All eyes will be on go live and how well Tron reacts to the launch. Comparisons will be drawn with EOS and its recent release. As with any go live, there will be features and bugs to fix – that is natural – the number and size of these will be notable. Two rehearsals for the launch have already taken place so the project team is not expecting anything huge happening. Here we go again!

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