A New Exchange In Town

There’s A New Exchange In Town

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As we all know, there is no shortage of Cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from these days with a new one popping up frequently. We are pretty much spoilt for choice. However, what separates one of the latest exchanges on the market for the plethora of others available is the simple fact that anyone can use it. So not only is Quickex – the new kid – an instant Cryptocurrency exchange but it is easy to use and clear for everyone to understand. Now that cannot be said for many Cryptocurrency exchanges out there. The very fact that it is user friendly for one and all could be a ground breaking move for the industry as a whole. A lot more of the general public may now be very keen to try their hands at trading on Quickex.

Quickex Is Different

The first step to make it easier to trade for everyone and their dog was the introduction of the instant exchange which bridged the gap with the more traditional and complicated Cryptocurrency exchanges. Instant exchanges are not only simple but also safe for investors to use. Quickex however has now taken this to the next level and is not only providing the above but also offering its investors the very best of rates, which competitors would find hard to top. This new exchange has also made a very bold statement in suggesting that it is the only platform that is extremely accessible and very cheap. Other exchanges have been criticised because of their high transaction fees and poor rates. So at the moment there is no perfect solution. However, this could all change with Quickex.

The superb rates that are provided by Quickex are one of the main reasons to choose this new option. A robot does all of the work and reviews the larger and better of the exchange platforms. Once this phase has been completed – instantaneously – the robot then assesses those offering the best returns, based on sales and purchases, and then produces the final rate for the investor. Additionally, these brilliant rates are then frozen for 10 minutes allowing investors to do the necessary Cryptocurrency conversions. Although at the moment the exchange pairs are slightly limited, by December 2018 Quickex has stated that over 50 Cryptocurrencies will be on that list. The exchange has also gone that extra mile and suggested that if your chosen Cryptocurrency exchange pair is not on said list, then it will add it for you with immediate effect. A promise that you certainly cannot ignore.

Why Use Quickex

Besides the very obvious positives highlighted above, there are several other reasons why you should seriously consider putting your eggs into the Quickex basket including: The lack of registration process which means you can join the exchange immediately; The exchange operates anonymously; The exchange offers the best rates compared to at least twenty of the other top Cryptocurrency exchanges; The commission fees are an extremely low 0.5% with no hidden costs; The one tab usage is very user friendly for everyone.

So there it is. What are you waiting for?

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