The UK Moves Into Digital Evidence

The UK Moves Into Digital Evidence

The UK Shines

ground breaking moves with Blockchain and digital evidence. The country has been leading the way with legislation and Blockchain initiatives over recent months and has been hitting the headlines for the latest project involving Cryptocurrencies and the latest technology.

The latest move sees the UK pilot a scheme to see digital evidence now being stored on Blockchain technology.

Ministry Of Justice

This new brainwave is coming from Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service through the Ministry of Justice. The whole organisation is currently going through a large reform and this is only a part of it. The Cabinet Office Open Innovation unit and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service are working closely together to push things forward. The service is keen to move into a more distributed ledger operation so this last project opens the door for just that. Both see Blockchain as a vital part of their development and update.

In this particular case, using Blockchain for digital evidence not only provides the ministry with integrity and scaleability but also audit trails. The latter is vitally important for the government especially when it is proven to be foolproof in tracking changes made. Additionally the way that everything is logged in Blockchain means that evidence is captured and it is easy to understand how and why the evidence is where it is today i.e. tracking every movement. These are obviously essential for the Ministry Of Justice.

The Other Projects

There is a lot more going on in the background too in the UK. This is not the only new initiative which is underway. The National Archives Team is working with the University of Surrey to also look at how Blockchain can support their operations. The organisation needs to come up with a way to provide a secure digital archive store.

There has already been recent news regarding the UK and the fact that it is looking to introduce smart contracts into British law to improve their system and bring it into the new digital age. The UK Law Commission has been on the case and is really driving home hard the need to move into the new century. Its latest annual report was very firm on this particular aspect. The annual report itself highlights the 14 areas of work which includes smart contracts and residential leaseholds to name a couple. Smart contracts are vital to the UK in their push to show the country as a leader in legal services. This latest initiative is already underway and the aim is to not only improve the country’s efficiency but also security and trust. The English law system needs to remain respected and one that businesses turn to should they need to. The project also offers the UK a chance to review and double check everything is running as it should be.

The UK is certainly one of the forerunners in terms of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and it is certainly making all the right moves. Not only is the country developing projects with both of the above but also ensuring investors and the relevant industries are being regulated and are secure.

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