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The More Unusual Collectibles

A Little Background

As the Cryptocurrency industry diversifies and more and more people are targeted with new and exciting concepts, we take a look at some of the quirkiest Cryptocurrency Collectibles. Although some may not be sold on the notion of collectibles, what they have achieved is the ability to reach an audience which otherwise would not have been exposed to the Cryptocurrency market.


It is started with CryptoKitties and has since seen the likes of famous sports stars join in with their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is set to continue. The aim of this new segment of the market is to maximize the user experience. NFTs are now a big talking point with many new notions jumping on the bandwagon. CryptoKitties and similar approaches are paving the way for the future of entertainment, and video games could well step up to the next level following on from this. There have been some novel additions to Cryptocurrency Collectibles playground including:

All About CryptoCrystals

CryptoCrystalsAs highlighted above, CryptoKitties was the forerunner in terms of Cryptocurrency Collectibles and a lot of the collectibles being introduced now are taking that idea and making their own adaptations. CryptoCrystals is one of these such games. Users can breed their own “sentient metals” into their own geological characters. In this instance though, the term breeding has been replaced by “melting” because the crystals are melted and not bred, obviously. In order to obtain new crystals from the 100 on offer, the user needs to buy and then use a pick axe to traditionally mine. The money spinner for the developer is the sale of pick axes.

Heard About CryptoVoxels?

CryptoVoxelsFor those lovers of “Sim City” then this collectible is right up your street – as it were! The developer behind the game was keen to produce something that gave its users a virtual world to run around in. Players use virtual reality goggles to explore this three-dimensional game. The first step is to purchase a piece of land and then take it from there. There are opportunities to build on said land and develop it to your needs. Although at the moment the game is in black and white, there are plans for color to be introduced.

And Now HyperDragons

HyperDragonsAs already mentioned, the CryptoKitties concept is being replicated a lot in the Cryptocurrency Collectibles marketplace. However, the same can also be said for Pokemon. HyperDragons does base itself on something similar to Pokemon. However, it certainly makes the most of decentralization allowing its HyperDragons to actually eat CryptoKitties. The game focuses on collecting, breeding and fights against warrior dragons and defending your home. A great way to take things a little bit further in Cryptocurrency Collectibles.

Although the above concepts may well seem futuristic or unusual to most, nothing can be put in a box when it comes to the Cryptocurrency industry. Anything and everything is pretty much possible and who knows what the next big craze will be. One thing is for sure; whatever happens, will certainly not be expected. Never a dull day!

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