The BTCC Exchange Relaunches

What’s The History?

After a quiet few months the BTCC crypto exchange has relaunched and is looking better than ever. BTCC has also announced that there are plans afoot for a new BTCC token to be released soon. It has been a long overdue need for BTCC and one which will hopefully put the exchange back on the map.

Nine months ago BTCC stopped trading Bitcoin against the Chinese Yuan and things altered dramatically after that. The reason behind this move was due solely to the People’s Bank of China and its decision to stop ICOs and fiat-to-crypto exchanges. BTCC made its own executive decision to move to Hong Kong and trade cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency only through their DAX platform. Sadly, this solution was also shut down a few months later. Two other exchanges and large rivals of BTCC managed to successfully negate the changes instigated by the bank and saw their worth go through the roof.

What’s The Latest?

BTCC is one of the first crypto exchanges which was extremely popular and powerful in China. However, it has been undergoing a great deal of development work of late to bring it up to date with the ever changing Cryptocurrency industry and in line with the latest protocols. The launch on Monday saw trading of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin against the US Dollar as well as trading between the cryptocurrencies. There are plans in the future to provide additional cryptocurrencies.

BTCCBTCC has major plans for itself following this new launch, including a reward type program for those using this trading exchange. Users can very simply register with the exchange, complete the necessary sign up process and then begin trading. For those very easy steps, customers are then rewarded with points which can be traded on the exchange as a BTCC token. Timing has been pretty well executed with this particular new element as things evolve in China with their crypto exchanges. The country is now seeing “trans-fee mining” appearing offering customers a refund on their transaction fees. The reimbursement comes in the form of the particular platform’s tokens.

At the moment, the details on the BTCC token are under wraps and no further information has been released. We are all eagerly awaiting this which is scheduled in two or three months.

In The Future?

As we are all aware, the Cryptocurrency industry is one that is every changing and ever evolving so no matter what element of the market you are involved in will constantly require you to keep up. Companies, currencies, tokens and exchanges (to name a few) will simply fall behind and be forgotten about if they are not on top of their game and planning for the next development, upgrade or launch. It is the very realistic nature of the Cryptocurrency beast and for those involved, it is a sobering thought and a practicality of life.

BTCC has very wisely used their time out to rechannel their business and operate in more sectors. Undoubtedly the fact that the company was acquired by a capital firm from Hong Kong at the beginning of 2108 has helped.

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