XRT ICO – A Semi-Offchain Payment Solution Using ERC-20 Technology In F&B Sector

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What is XRT?

The XRT Foundation is the company behind one of the latest Cryptocurrencies options XRT. The solution provided is specifically aimed at the food industry and is an online payment system. Its main objective is to make the whole online payment process easier, simpler and safer through the use of Blockchain. This platform will be used in restaurants and cafes etc. by the public, providing them with an instant and safe payment option.

This new platform is run through the XRT app and offers users a very effective and time-saving solution to one of life’s everyday challenges. There is also the added feature where customers can enjoy bonuses and incentives with their purchases. There are no worries about double spending either.

The White Paper provides further details on the plan.

XRT Token


Token: XRT
Pre-ICO Price: 0.000100 ETH = 1 XRT
Price: 0.000125 ETH = 1 XRT
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BNB, XMR, DGB
Public Sale Begin On: 11th July 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 26th July 2018
Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter

XRT SupportersFeatures of XRT

• A simple yet very effective mobile app to make paying in restaurants and cafes etc. a whole lot easier. The network is very secure through the use of the Ethererum Blockchain in the background.

• The transaction fees are a whole lot cheaper than most card transactions you will find in the marketplace.

• XRT is safe and secure in terms of privacy for the user. The latest technology makes sure of that.

The Team Behind XRT

There is an absolutely huge team behind XRT. The two co-founders MJ Paul and Anil Kumar are very much at the forefront driving the product forward. Both have a couple of years experience in Cryptocurrencies as well and business and customer relationship management. These two are supported by eight other staff and 16 advisors.

Between the employees and the advisors, there is experience in a breadth of skills including Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, marketing, ICOs, and law. The majority of the experience can be drawn from the advisors rather than the staff. Most of the team are still in the early stages of their career.

The Review

XRT ICO – A Semi-Offchain Payment Solution Using ERC-20 Technology In F&B Sector

8.1 Score

"Are you looking for the newest option for payments in the food industry? Keen to become involved in the latest solution? Then check out XRT"

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The Good

  • The safety and security of the transactions are extremely positive allowing customers the freedom to make payments without their personal details being compromised.
  • The app is very simple to use.
  • The product is aimed at the masses.

The Bad

  • Outside of the fact of the sheer volume of people working on this product, the concern would be whether there would be any uptake with this solution.
  • XRT can only be used in the food industry, which would mean that users would need a variety of payment methods when shopping to cover all options which is not a good concept.


  • TEAM : This is a very young team with - in the main - only a couple of years of experience in the business world. Although there is knowledge and experience of Cryptocurrencies, this is limited. The number of people involved in this product is concerning also. 70%
  • PROJECT : Although this project aims to makes the lives of the general public easier, the project is not the most ground breaking of concepts. Whether the public will want to use such a feature is also another thought provoking point. 85%
  • VISION : Although the team have very clearly thought the process through and have done a lot of homework on their solution, whether the uptake is going to be good is something which very much remains to be seen. The product is very restrictive to the food industry alone and does not provide any other benefits outside of this industry. 80%
  • RISK : The White Paper is detailed however it is very generic and does not delve into a huge amount of depth of knowledge on the product and the industry concerns. 90%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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