Universal Recognition ICO – The First Employee Rewards Marketplace

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What is Universal Recognition?

Universal Recognition is a powerful new tool that can really make a difference to your company and more importantly your employees. This new solution offers you – the employer – the opportunity to really recognize the efforts of your staff without wasting money or gifts cards being left unredeemed. Whether you are looking for a present for a birthday or a project milestone then look no further than Universal Recognition.

This innovative platform supports the employer using Blockchain technology to create a virtual marketplace for staff to choose their gifts from. The marketplace also allows for gifts to be auctioned (and receive cash) or employees to receive a gift of their choice. The employee for the first time has the real chance to pick a gift that suits them.

The White Paper provides further technical details on the plan.



Token: URT
Pre-ICO Price: $0.08
Price: $0.12
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Public Sale Start Date: Quarter 3 2018
Public Sale End Date: TBC
Hard Cap: $35,000,000

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter


Features of Universal Recognition

• This system allows employees to choose their own gifts and actually opt for cash instead of a physical prize if they so wish.

• Because Blockchain is being used, the data and value of the gifts are permanently stored. This means that employees can save up their prizes to opt for a bigger one in the not too distant future.

• With Blockchain behind this solution, there is so much more on offer as prizes. Details on the gifts that are in demand can be provided to employers allowing them to increase the number of gifts available in that particular genre.

• Employers can also choose to reward their staff with internal reward points or miles that can be added to an employees account.


The Team Behind Universal Recognition

There are nine core members of the team. Although there are no further details on their experience and knowledge, there is a mixture of engineers, business development and community management roles within this team.

The six additional Advisors – again with no further information on backgrounds – come from various industries including Human Resources and Blockchain.

The Review

Universal Recognition ICO – The First Employee Rewards Marketplace

7.3 Score

"There are many ICOs being brought onto the market at the moment to help with saving time and money, but this is one of the few that this specifically for the employee. Universal Recognition gives rewards to your staff for all of the hard work and dedication each member has shown. "

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The Good

  • There are several positives with this new product including the fact that staff can actually choose their gifts themselves, which is a first.
  • The market place for shopping allows employees to auction off their prizes to secure cash if they wish to.
  • The use of Blockchain enables the rewards and prize values to be stored forever in the marketplace, which means there is no expiry date.

The Bad

  • This is the very first employee rewards market place so there is a lot of an unknown out there.
  • There will be many challenges faced by the team but with the amount of depth gone into on the White Paper hopefully most of these have been preempted.


  • The reason for the rating being so low is that there is no further information provided on the website or in the White Paper about the team and their experience. It is therefore impossible to review this particular element. 50%
  • This is a very innovative project which has completed a lot of research into the negatives of the reward industry and has piece by piece endeavored to resolve these issues with this one solution. There is also a lot of thought into how this can really work for the employee. 90%
  • This is a great concept that targets an industry in which corporates lose an awful lot of money every single year. By tackling the main issues and using the latest technology to support the platform, millions of dollars can be saved worldwide. 90%
  • The White Paper is extremely thorough with the technical side of the platform. It highlights the rewards industry, what works and doesn’t and how this solution can solve those problems. The main risk is not knowing the experience of the team and advisors. 60%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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