Triwer ICO – Delivering The Future

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What Is Triwer?

Triwer is a new and improved delivery service to support everyone wishing to deliver packages in a cost-effective and green fashion. The platform offers a more personalized service for customers that are both affordable and great for the environment too. The deliveries are safe and secure and not only that, Triwer is very keen to work efficiently and makes sure all of its deliveries are as effective as possible – spare capacity on drops offs are used if it is plausible.

Triwer offers its customers the option to compare prices online with other couriers to ensure their clients get the very best deal. Shopping online with the company could not be any easier when there is also the possibility to create your own profile. Customers can choose their preferences in terms of deliveries without the need to complete these certain sections every time they order. Users are also able to track their deliveries. There is no other better option.

The White Paper also has a lot of useful information for you.



Token: TRW
Pre-ICO Price: 1 TRW = 0.08 $
Price: 1 TRW = 0.08 $
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC & US Dollars / EURO
Public Sale Start Date: 1st June 2018
Public Sale End Date: 30th June 2018
Hard Cap: 25,000,000 $
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Features Of Triwer

• The customer receives complete and utter transparency with smart contracts in place on this decentralized platform. All shipments are tracked and kept on file using an Ethereum Blockchain.

• All drivers for Triwer are professionally trained and drivers used will be experienced. All items delivered through Triwer are fully insured.

• One of the major benefits of this system is the fact that it is extremely environmentally friendly. All deliveries are paperless and the company uses spare capacity with drivers and deliveries wherever possible – Therefore reducing the carbon footprint. Triwer is also a big advocate of low emissions.

• Via the Triwer app, clients can trace their deliveries and keep on top of their account.

The Team Behind Triwer

There is a very strong 13-person team behind this wonderful concept with an additional six advisors working on the whole project. The one co-founder – Kim Abrahamsen – has a Working Chairman in Per Havden and CEO & Visionary in Thomas Vogt taking on the pivotal roles. All three have very different backgrounds and experience, which really makes a complimentary mix. They draw specialism from corporate finance, Cryptocurrencies, and sales.


The rest of the team are also extremely knowledgeable with success in start-ups, IT, supply chain management and marketing to name a few. Finance and Cryptocurrency experience within the whole team is certainly prevalent and will only enhance the project further.

The six advisors bring with them a fortitude of experience in Cryptocurrencies, investments, and security.

Bitcointalk username:
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1478756
ETH Address: 0xF329F4C480352af527398a7274638314627e6DF3

The Review

Triwer ICO – Delivering The Future

8.3 Score

"Are you wanting to find a new parcel delivery solution that is eco friendly too? Then why not look at the latest exciting platform to hit the market - Triwer."

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The Good

  • There are so many positives with Triwer that it is difficult to highlight only a handful.
  • The team behind the project is very talented and experienced.
  • The Road Map continues until 2023 showing the huge amount of detail that the team has gone into to ensuring that this is a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.
  • The whole platform will be delivered with the customer in mind.
  • Transparency and customer tracking are both very important to the project.

The Bad

  • Triwer will continually need to stay ahead of the game to keep them on top of the competition.


  • TEAM : This is a very solid team with a great deal of knowledge and experience in a vast array of industries and positions. This enhances the product and ensures that there is a wonderful depth to the project. 90%
  • PROJECT : The fact that this product is eco-friendly is a massive plus. It will be well received by businesses and individuals alike. The Cryptocurrency industry is currently awash with requests for greener solutions and this platform does just that. 80%
  • VISION : Not only is the eco-friendly option very positive, but the simple fact that the team are looking to use spare capacity not only in their drivers but also with their deliveries is a wonderful concept. Minimizing emissions is another great visionary example of what can be achieved with the correct mindset. 80%
  • RISK : From the look of the team and advisors onboard, there looks to be very minimal risk with this venture. The White Paper is very thorough and comprehensive. 80%
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