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All You Need To Know About SUBAJ

As one of the best trading platforms entirely based on the Blockchain network, the main aim of Subaj is to link together merchants, businesses, retailers, and service providers. All the users on this platform are given an opportunity to use the platform’s crypto token known as SBJ and experience a mutual growth.

All the stakeholders here will have an opportunity of using their business tokens or SUBAJ’s native token for various activities that they undertake. Using this kind of reward system, the company’s daily sales will grow each day. The customers here will have an opportunity of collecting tokens from one trader and later use them to buy services, goods, and items from a host of other traders.

Subaj Token

What Is The Main Aim Of SUBAJ?

This is a special international network that is entirely based on the Blockchain technology. It has mainly been designed to assist those who want to make online promotions, payments, and later offer incentives to those who share certain programs.


Token Symbol: SBJ
Platform: ETHEREUM
Token Standard: ERC20
ICO Start Date: 2nd August 2018
ICO End Date: 30th September 2018
Price: 1 SBJ = 0.05 $

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Features Of The SUBAJ Platform

• As earlier indicated, the Subaj marketplace is a mobile-based application and works with various technologies to ensure that traders have an easy team. Some of these technologies are the augmented reality, Geodrop technology, and social gamification.

• The main aim of this marketplace is to upgrade and improve the shopping experience of all the traders who are on this platform. It works with a special technology for loyalty sharing.

• Once this network has been fully developed, it will incorporate a number of businesses. Top in the list include hotels, sports clubs, cosmetic brands, shopping malls, retail stores, cab services as well as event organizing agencies.

• The founders of this amazing platform have designed a mobile application that the users will use. The app will assist the merchants to meet their potential clients and get their attention by using some of the best modes of adverts at a very affordable price.



Subaj Global Network was founded by Adebayo Surakatu, who also doubles up as its Chief Executive Officer. He is closely assisted by Knut Jacobi, who is the advisor and also a board member. There are also other members like Dr. Mohamed Karim, and Antony Kozlov.


This is a decentralized marketplace and platform that will give various merchants, retailers, and companies an opportunity to take part for a common benefit. One thing that makes it amazing is that merchants will be able to come up with their crypto tokens and give them out as loyalty programs.

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