Soundeon ICO – Blockchain Music Platform That Changes Everything

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What is Soundeon?

Soundeon is an exciting new platform that is about to make some big moves in the music industry. Not only will must lovers be able to use this new solution, but artists will also be able to make the most of what it can offer. This ecosystem is decentralized and supports all elements of the music business from live ticketing to rights registration. It has it all.

Soundeon has five aspects to it which are: Music Token Sale; Soundeon Exchange; Soundeon Monitor; Soundeon Player; Soundeon Tix. Between them, whilst they offer everything an artist or a music lover could want. The aim is to offer empowerment to those creating music and provide them all of the support they could need.

The White Paper provides further details on the plan.



Pre-ICO Price: $0.056923
Price: $0.056923
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Public Sale Start Date: 30th September 2018
Public Sale End Date: 30th October 2018
Hard Cap: 650,000,000 tokens

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SOUNDEON3Features of Soundeon

• This is an all-encompassing solution that provides a musician with all of the necessary tools to create their own music from start to finish. This includes managing rights.

• This is the first of its kind allowing live ticketing and music recording to actually merge together into the one platform.

• Artists can also develop their very own token sales for their projects, which can be protected by the artist in terms of intellectual priority rights.

• Music lovers can find new songs and create their own playlist while being rewarded through the loyalty program.

Soundeon Team

The Team Behind Soundeon

The seven founders behind this ICO include a plethora of valuable talents. Technology and finance are covered alongside product development, the programming of applications, legal advice, and investment banking. There are also artist technology skills coupled with filmmaking to draw wisdom from.

The eight Advisors are also blessed with a lot of great experience and knowledge in their fields. Experience can be pulled from the music, Cryptocurrency and programming industries. All of which will compliment each other and make sure this project becomes a roaring success.

The Review

Soundeon ICO – Blockchain Music Platform That Changes Everything

8 Score

"Have you been waiting for the latest Blockchain music platform? Then your wait is well and truly over. You need to take a look at Soundeon sooner rather than later?"

Where to buy:

The Good

  • There are many amazing features to this product including enabling artists to develop their own token sales to raise funds for their projects.
  • Artists can also claim the royalties for their pieces simply and quickly.
  • Smart contracts and QR codes are used on the ticketing platform to ensure that fraudulent activities are kept to a minimum.

The Bad

  • As highlighted above, the one negative trait that is apparent at the moment is the very fact that this product is the first of its kind. So there is no protocol to follow.
  • The launch and straight after the launch could be challenging for the team.


  • You cannot fault the depth of knowledge and wide ranging experience that this team and advisors bring to the table. There is no doubt that the project will go from strength to strength and prove to be a market leader in the near future. 90%
  • This is a very large project to undertake but one, which will offer musicians everything, they could possibly want. This really could be the step that those new to the music industry really need to get their careers off to a flying start. 90%
  • Although there are other ICOs out there specifically developed for the music industry, this particular one has the added bonus of allowing ticketing to work alongside music recording as part of the same platform. 90%
  • The White Paper is well put together which is no surprise considering the amount of experience the team has behind it. Although there is a lot of talent the one risk is the ground breaking partnership of music recording and ticketing which has never been tried before. 50%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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