Pearl Pay – Your Virtual Money Logistics System

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What is Pearl Pay?

Pearl Pay is currently a Philippines specific product that has the main objective to provide banking services to its community that are affordable. Pearl Pay will connect many financial applications together in the Philippines in order to make this a more seamless approach. The solution is a Virtual Money Logistics System that will offer banking services, a Cryptocurrency exchange, and international money remittance to name a few.

This platform offers its users the opportunity to complete payments using their mobiles and for expat Filipinos to send their money home in transactions that are a lot quicker and cheaper. Plans are already in place to expand to more of Asia, the Middle East, and the United States in the future.

The White Paper provides further details on the plan.



Pre-ICO Price: 1 BTC = 40,000 PRLPAY
Price: 1 BTC = TBA
Accepted Currencies: BTC, KMD
Public Sale Start Date: 1st September 2018
Public Sale End Date: 30th October 2018
Hard Cap: TBC

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Features of Pearl Pay

• Enabling expat Filipinos to be able to send money home to their families on a monthly basis with much cheaper transaction fees and taking a lot less time too.

• Micro, small and medium enterprises can also enjoy the benefits through the use of retailers that can support and help grow their business.

• The product also includes an Initial Coin Offering element, which can help with developing future projects.

Pearl Pay teamThe Team Behind Pearl Pay

The five co-founders are all still very much involved in the project and in fact make up the main team of this new platform. The team are all young and full of ideas with experience in IT, software, law, and marketing.

The four additional members who are Advisors have an eclectic pot of knowledge to offer including information security, technical architecture as well as ICO and Blockchain.

The Review

Pearl Pay – Your Virtual Money Logistics System

6.8 Score

"Are you interested in a good investment in the Philippines? Want to become involved in a new technology money logistics process? If you are keen then waste no time and have a look at Pearl Pay sooner rather than later."

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The Good

  • On the plus side, this is a great product for the Filipino community. It enables expats to transfer money back home in a cost effective manner.
  • The solution also pulls in Cryptocurrencies, which is a fabulous way to highlight this further to the Filipino market.
  • The way this concept is set up also allows for any transactions to be seamless, fast and cheap.

The Bad

  • The lack of experience from the team is the main concern with this project. They are all very young and at the beginning of their careers with little experience of the new digital economy. This could be a major sticking point.


  • There is very limited Cryptocurrency knowledge and experience within the team as well as the Advisors. This may well prove problematic as the project unravels. There is also only a small amount of business acumen from the core team, which leaves them vulnerable. 70%
  • This is a great project that could well value the Philippines if it is successful. However, this is very much focused on the Philippines in the initial stages so is a very niche market which may prove restrictive. 70%
  • The vision for the product is wonderful and will be a big seller for those in the Philippines because of the increased security and money saved. However whether this will work outside of this country is yet to been. 70%
  • The White Paper does contain a lot of information but there is still a lot of Cryptocurrency and financial experience missing from this team which is a worry. 60%
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