Opp Open Wifi ICO

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What is Opp Open Wifi?

Opp Open Wifi is a fabulous new concept that pools together wifi spots around the world. The aim is to partner with 25 million wifi spots to enable those with unused wifi data to share it with those needing wifi data. And going further than this, this whole process is being monetized.

The beauty behind this is that the whole project is safe and secure for both parties – the host and the user. The app will be available from September 2018 and hosts will be paid for their services.

The White Paper provides all you need to know in great detail.



Token: OPP
Pre-ICO Price: $0.40
Price: $0.40
Accepted Currencies: TBC
Public Sale Start Date: August 2018
Public Sale End Date: September 2018
Hard Cap: TBC

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

OPP OPEN WIFI2Features of Opp Open Wifi

• Blockchain technology and smart contracts will both be used with this new app. This means more effective, secure and cheaper transactions.

• The system is set up so it is secure in terms of wifi usage. Illegal sites will not be able to be accessed by the user, nor will inappropriate sites. The host is therefore not compromised.

• Hosts are paid every single day for their part in the project. There are no contracts required, no passwords and no costs.

The Team Behind Opp Open Wifi

There are 12 core members of the team all with years of experience in the business world. Between them, there is fantastic knowledge in technology, technology security, community development and engagement, web development and Cryptocurrencies. A very strong team all in all.

The four additional Advisors have specialisms in Blockchain, Technology as a general and Security. The Advisors have worked on hundreds of ICOs between them raising millions so there is a great deal of knowledge to be tapped into. So all in all a wonderful mix for ensuring this project is successful.

The Review

Opp Open Wifi ICO

7.8 Score

"Are you looking for an amazing new opportunity to join a project that’s new, innovative and could really change the world for the better? Then look no further than Opp Open Wifi. "

Where to buy:

  • https://www.oppopenwifi.com/

The Good

  • For both the user and the host the system is secure and safe.
  • The user has access to free wifi and the host gets paid for their services.
  • This is a global project that aims to benefit the general public.
  • It is a win win for all involved.

The Bad

  • The main negative is that funding will be received through advertising, which means that the user will be exposed to marketing when using their free wifi. However, for access to wifi for absolutely no cost, would you be complaining about a little bit of advertising?


  • This is a more than capable team to manage this project and ensure it is a global success. The experience of both the team and the advisors for the specific concept is second to none. 70%
  • This is a fabulous concept and one of its kind. It will literally be life changing for so many people that need wifi. It is a very simple idea and using the latest technology should not be too difficult to pull off. The fact that it is win win for both the host and the user is amazing. 90%
  • There is phenomenal vision in the team to have thought through this concept and brought it to life. The team is certainly not shy either with the aim of 25 million hotspots worldwide. 90%
  • The White Paper details the additional information required to enable you to make a decision on being involved in this awesome project. 60%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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