One Social Network ICO – Bringing It All Together!

What is One Social Network?


One Social Network is fully committed to using both Blockchain and Dapp to provide the latest in social media channels, which offers a lot more security and privacy for the user. Customers are totally in control over the information provided on the network as well as every detail of their privacy. This new platform will allow for communication through various channels including video, voice, and text.

This new solution is being developed to ensure that the software allows everyone to meet in the once place whether that is a brand, a client or a content provider. This is a new offering with the aim to not only make social media more secure but also easier to manage too. Furthermore, rewards will be offered to users, which is another added benefit.

The White Paper for the concept provides a good summary into the product and what it can offer to investors.



Token: OBT
Pre-ICO Price: $0.20
Price: 1 ETH = (calculator will base on $0.40 cents US for 1 Onebit)
Accepted Currencies: BTC, Paypal, Ethereum, Litecoin
Public Sale Begins On: 18th September 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 31st October 2018
Hard Cap: $36,000,000

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter

Features of One Social Network


• One of the huge benefits of this new channel is the fact that privacy returns to the customer. Personal data is not shared with agencies and the client once again controls the information released

• Users take ownership of their content in terms of how it is not only promoted and posted but also how it is received by others. Customers can limit and restrict their posts and manage their account a lot tighter than with current social media platforms

• There are rewards for those customers and providers of content depending on the promotion completed. Clients can also transfer rewards to other friends using the network too

• The Marketplace will become a massive selling point for this new platform. Not only can goods be exchanged here but also the likes of services and any other form of purchase required

The Team Behind One Social Network


The team behind this innovative new product has a huge amount of experience to put into this project. The CEO and Founder is an online engagement specialist with an avid interest in Cryptocurrencies. He has eight other members of staff to support him with expertise in Blockchain Development, Software, Front End Development, and Marketing. There is absolutely no doubt that the team has everything it needs to be able to develop the best product out there.

There is further support from six advisors which bring additional Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Financial Investment, PR / Content Marketing and Security skills to the field. This varied assortment of characters and knowledge will provide a solid background for the development of a very successful solution.

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