MEMORITY ICO – Data Storage Revolution On Blockchain

What is Memority?

Memority is basically a platform for data storage that is anchored on the Blockchain technology and therefore offering an encrypted and most secure storage of certain important data.

To safeguard the data of its users, Memority ecosystem uses the same technologies that are in most Blockchain wallets. All the data contained here are decentralized with a special private key and also backed up with numerous copies of data on international independent storages.

Memority Token


Token: EMT
Pre ICO Price: 1.2 EMT = $0.1
ICO Price: 1 EMT = $0.1
10% Bonus ICO Began on 1st July 2018 and Ends on 31st July 2018
5% Bonus ICO Begins on 1st to 31st August 2018
Hard cap: $85,500,000
Soft cap: $5,000,000

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Features of Memority ICO

• As briefly highlighted, Memority contains a collection of independent repositories that are gathered from various corners of the world. They are all based on users of computers who have given a portion of their hard drive memories for purposes of storing the data.

• For each of the data that have been stored, ten copies are created as a way of assuring a top level of data security.

• Again, the safety of data is ensured each time the file is loaded into the system by encrypting it with a private key. This particular key is only stored by the owner of the data, and any user would only access what’s contained on the data only by using this particular key. It is also not easy to delete file here since special harsh data identifiers are kept on the Blockchain databases. They can neither be forged or even the information that is contained therein.

• The entire role of this great platform is entirely based on its special MMR tokens. It is also important to note that the entire history of transactions is safely recorded on the Blockchain network.

• There is also another function of payment that is offered by the smart contracts system, and this is what is used to safeguard the interest of all the participants of the system. In addition to that, it also helps in regularly cleaning the platform from any kind of unnecessary files.

• To ensure that the system continues to be operational, the miners shall be offered the MMR tokens.

• Memority also uses the Proof of Authority system, and this makes the computing power so much relevant to the entire process of the creation of blocks and usually does not increase as time progresses.

The Team

The platform is headed by some of the best brains in the market with Ilya Ratovsky as the Chief Executive Officer. He is assisted by Alexander Pivtorak, who is the PR Manager and Stanislav Rubtsov, who is the CTO among other professionals.

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