LocalCoinSwap – The Community-Owned P2P Exchange

Based on the information provided on its main website LocalCoinSwap.com, this is the most financially transparent marketplace when it comes to crypto exchange. LocalCoinSwap is the only crypto exchange platform that promises to distribute its entire profit to the community.

The ultimate aim of this amazing platform is to come up with a more effective Peer-to-Peer crypto exchange, which would help in fixing all the problems faced in the modern decentralized and centralized exchanges market. It is a more decentralized exchange platform because it has an escrow service that is used to facilitate all the decentralized virtual coin exchanges.


Native Coin: LCS
Pre-Sale Started on: 15th March 2018
Token Sale Ends on: 15th June 2018
Hard Cap: $20,000,000
Soft Cap: $500,000
Total Supply: 100 Million LCS

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This is How LocalCoinSwap Operates

With the huge number of digital coin exchange platforms that are already in store; it is very hard to distinguish the best from the rest. LocalCoinSwap appears to be the best from that crowd. This is because it is mainly focused on providing affordable costs to the traders. Since users will be able to facilitate P2P business transactions, there would be no need to seek the services of an intermediary.

Generally, LocalCoinSwap has established itself as a real Peer-to-Peer trading platform, giving the users an opportunity to trade the assets they own for the other ones that they do not have but want.

Apart from paying low fees for the services offered in this platform, they will all enjoy all the revenue generated by the platform.

The LocalCoinSwap Product Rating & Price

The native token of this platform is known as LCS token. The sale of this token began with a pre-sale on the 15th of March 2018. While the sale has a hard cap of $20 Million, the soft cap of this sale is $500,000.

During the Initial Coin Offering campaign, there would be a total supply of a hundred million LCS Cryptoshares. Out of that number, 70 million would be made available through the pre-ICO, the Pre-Sale period, as well as during the ICO.

Tokens that shall have remained would be used for a community venture fund, and that use would be voted by the investors. 10% of that money would be given to the main investors of this platform while another 10% would be allocated to the development team that have a one-year smart contract.

To maximize the security of the platform, 5% of the profit would be rewarded to the users while another 5% would be directed to cater for the bounties. These tokens would be sold at a rate of 1 Ethereum = 2500 LCS.

Final Remarks: This is the Best Platform

As mentioned on the main website of LocalCoinSwap, this is the best way exchanges are supposed to be operating. The main goal of this particular exchange is to come up with the best way of solving the problems faced in today’s decentralized and centralized exchanges.

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