INSCOIN – 1st Blockchain Based Insurance Company

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About Knox Project And INSCoin

The KNOX project is expected to become the first insurance firm to use Blockchain technology to connect the real and the digital worlds. This merging will help in creating an efficient and advanced structure in the insurance sector and address certification and anti-forgery challenges common with the traditional insurance policies.

The INSCOIN project will use Ethereum Blockchain that has seen an increased application in many areas in recent times. Ethereum will help in the creation of the tokens that will be used to support this project. The company will mobilize the required capital through the sale of these tokens.

KNOX will make use of the Blockchain technology to decentralize the current insurance system. Consequently, the insurance policies will be from paper into smart contracts and bring various benefits to all players in the sector.

Inscoin Token use


Ticker: INSC
Type: ERC20
Price: 1 ETH = 5000 INSC
Pre-Sale Third Phase Date: July 8 – July 15
Hard Cap: 5000 ETH
Bonus: 25%
Token Sale Date: July 23 – August 30
Hard Cap: 31,944 ETH

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit
Inscoin deflationary role

The Benefits Of This Project

  • The customers will feel safe, as the use of smart contract will prevent the entrance and use of fraudulent insurance policies, as the same system is responsible for issuing them after payment.
  • The project gives the customers full control of the insurance policy, as it is checkable by anyone on the network at any time.
  • To the insurance companies, the use of the smart contract will ensure that they collect premiums on time thereby enhancing their cash flow.
  • The companies will also see an improvement in the operational processes and enhance security on the system.
  • The project will allow the brokers to earn credibility with both the policyholders and beneficiaries.
  • The brokers will also get their commissions on time.

Inscoin ICOINSCOIN On Social Media

INSCOIN has a strong presence on various social media platforms such as Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They will use the platform to communicate important details about the project. Social media also allows them to interact with potential investors and respond to any questions.

INSCOIN is also present on Reddit where you can find any information you need about the project.

Bitcointalk username:
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1478756

The Review

INSCOIN – 1st Blockchain Based Insurance Company

8.4 Score

"Inscoin is a project that is expected to revolutionize the insurance sector by ensuring transactions are done in a transparent way. Consequently, the project has high chances of succeeding as it promises to address the core problem in the sector. Furthermore, more people are expected to embrace the project, making it a good investment opportunity. "

Where to buy:

The Good

  • All the details about this ICO are available in the whitepaper.
  • Moreover, the project is running on a platform that will ensure transparency on the part of insurance companies, brokers, and customers.
  • The platform will also enhance the much-needed transparency in the insurance sector for the benefit of all players.

The Bad

  • Nothing relevant, a good ICO in every of its aspects.


  • TEAM : The project is led by a team with experienced and highly skilled members. Their experience in insurance and cryptocurrency make them the best team to lead the project. 85%
  • PROJECT : This project is crucial to the insurance sector as it will incorporate transparency and help in addressing the main challenges in the sector. 80%
  • VISION : This project relies on the Blockchain, one of the most promising technologies in recent times, and is expected to shake the entire insurance sector. 80%
  • RISK : Given that the platform is based on Blockchain network, the users have little to worry about as their funds are safely stored. 90%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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