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What is Extradecoin?


Extradecoin is a new exchange, which is aimed specifically at traders and gamers. It is a Crypto-to-Crypto trading platform, which offers a lot more. It has been designed to bring people together and offer a solution for buyers, sellers, investors, traders, gamers and the gamer publishers as well as ICO developers. This is a comprehensive system which has been produced with exceptional quality, reliability and security in mind. Further to this, there is the ultimate aim to develop ecosystems that can support the community.

There is an impressive transaction rate of over 1,000,000 transactions per second, which is a big draw with this exchange. Not only that, but Extradecoin will be able to support a fair few trading methods which include Futures, Spot trading, and Margin trading. It will also be available for use on laptops, pcs and cells too. Again something which very few ICOs can provide at the moment – apps on cells.

In addition, the entertainment element is also covered with the gaming ecosystem. And this is taken a step further in that gamers can actually turn their fun into profit on Extradecoin with the ability to earn money.

The White Paper provides extremely detailed information that will provide everything you need to gain an insight into the project.



Token: ETE
Pre-ICO Price: 1 ETH = 6,000 ETE
Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 ETE
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Public Sale Begins On: 15th September 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 15th October 2018
Hard Cap: 16,000 ETH

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Features of Extradecoin


• Security for this particular project is of utmost importance. This can be seen in the approach that the Extradecoin system fillies – it needs not only account authentication but also client identification and 2FA security to log in. There is no doubt that this system is determined to provide security for its users. Furthermore, the Extradecoin will hold a multi-signature concept to ensure additional safety. There will be two private keys held by both the user and Extradecoin. These keys are kept on their own specialized server.

• ICOs can be listed as part of this solution that offers a whole new dimension for those wishing to raise funds. There are endless possibilities.

• Another beauty of this new concept is the fact that most of the coins available in the marketplace will be supported. This is pretty unusual with ICOs and is something that is a huge positive for Extradecoin.

• For gamers, Extradecoin provides a transparent environment that uses Blockchain technology. The whole ecosystem is very much focused on the gamer and their needs.

The Team Behind Extradecoin


There are eight core members of the team, which include a well-experienced founder from the stock and foreign market background. He is joined by staff that have knowledge of Blockchain, Accounting, Software Development, Retail Management and Graphics Design. This is quite a young team who although has a lot of different skills under their hats lacks the depth of career and years of experience. However, there is an impressive support system in the advisors as detailed below.

In addition to the above team, there are a further 10 advisors to guide the members along the way. Extensive Blockchain expertise coupled with ICO skills are a definite benefit for this project. Experience in Microsoft with additional talents in marketing and sales will marry well with the e-commerce and strategic experience from the rest of the advisors.

There are some gaps in what the end goal is and the experience of the team including a lack of knowledge on the gaming side. However, it is very much assumed that this can be picked up when it needs to be with new team members.

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