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Destream ICO – First Decentralized Global Financial Ecosystem For Streamers

What is Destream?

Destream is a new ecosystem for the streaming marketplace offering the most efficient streaming scenario for streamers as well as decreasing the transactions fees that are paid. Blockchain technology is behind the scenes, and the decentralization offers streamers a more effective solution. However, Destream offers a lot more than most.

This platform allows both streamers and users to actually talk to each other. The way that the system is set up and the technology used provides all streamers with the opportunity to market themselves to advertisers no matter how big or small they are. Streamers will also be able to use Destream as a market buying and selling their goods.

The White Paper provides further details on the plan.

Destream token


Token: DST
Pre-ICO Price: 1 DST = 0.006 $
Price: 1 DST = 0.006 $
Accepted Currencies: TBC
Public Sale Begin On: 1st August 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 30th September 2018
Hard Cap: $12,000,000

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Destream Streaming

Features of Destream

• There is only one wallet and one token – DST – required for this streaming platform. Users are therefore not faced with a plethora of Cryptocurrencies and tokens to worry about.

• Transaction fees are guaranteed to be less than 0.77%. This is a huge reduction in charges.

• There are nearly 100 smart contracts that are predefined and uploaded to the system to allow for very easy communications between users. These make life so much easier and transactions/legalities a whole lot faster. More personalized smart contracts can also be designed on the system should the templates not cover the necessary details.

• DST tokens can be used to purchase a whole variety of things including domestic applicants; food and other home-based products.

The Team Behind Destream

The four founders are still heavily involved in the project and have a great deal of business experience between them from Cryptocurrencies and ICOs to web and software development. There is also a very senior advisor on board with 20 years plus experience. This very crucial member of the team is a specialist in the Korean market as well as being a published economics author.

The rest of the nine-strong team cover a whole plethora of skills including in-depth knowledge of business development, strategic planning, and community development. Project management, legal advice, and community work also feature within the experience of the staff. Blockchain knowledge just adds the cherry on top for this very wide-ranging and talented team.

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