Cybit – Feel The Power of Crowdfunding!

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What is Cybit?

Cybit is a new solution that has been developed using Smart Contracts to enable it to facilitate Crowdfunding. And because this Blockchain supported system is built using Smart Contracts, the whole system is not only very transparent but also very secure. And not only that, it can support both startups and investors.

The open source product also assists with Initial Coin Offerings and Crowd Investing, providing an all-encompassing platform. Developers wishing to create ICOs have the ability to input their financial requirements and then use the supporting software to allow investors to evaluate their proposal.

The White Paper provides further detailed information on the plan.

cybit crowdfuning


Token: CBT
Pre-ICO Price: 1 CBT = $0.07
Price: 1 CBT = $0.10
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH
Public Sale Start Date: 1st July 2018
Public Sale End Date: 20th September 2018
Hard Cap: $50,000,000

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Features of Cybit

• Using ERC-223, and Smart Contracts enables tokens to be tracked, which provides complete and utter safety of said


• The aim of Cybit is to deliver a solution that is totally scalable and supports the growth of Crowdfunding. This has huge benefits for the Cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

• The objective behind this solution is two-fold: To help startups obtain their necessary funds; To support investors with reviewing the proposals they receive. A great platform for both sides of the fence.

• Cybit supports Initial Coin Offerings, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding.

The Team Behind Cybit

There is a vast array of talented individuals behind Cybit. There are 11 members of the core team including the Founder, Naquib Hatami. The team is built around very technically experienced individuals as well as marketing and social media specialists. All of this core unit have unquestionable and solid backgrounds and are supported by three Community Development staff.

Furthermore, there are 10 developers all of which have vast knowledge of the technical aspects necessary to run this project. Although there is no extensive knowledge of Cryptocurrencies on this particular part of the team, the Advisory Board can assist with that.

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The Review

Cybit – Feel The Power of Crowdfunding!

8.4 Score

"Want to get involved in a brand new finance concept that is for both startups and investors? Why not have a look at Cybit now."

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The Good

  • The use of Smart Contracts allows for safe, secure and transparent transactions.
  • Both startups and investors benefit from this product, which is unusual but very positive.
  • The fact that this solution can assist in the scalability of the Crowdfunding will have huge impact on the industry.

The Bad

  • Maybe the large team behind the project could slow it a bit in the long period


  • TEAM : Although the team and advisory board involves many individuals each with impressive experience, there is very little Cryptocurrency knowledge and understanding. This may prove to be restrictive when the project does go live and preempting what could happen. Decision making with this many people on board could also be problematic. 70%
  • PROJECT : This is a wonderful product that can offer a lot to the market and support many startups which often struggle to finance their own brilliant ideas. With Crowdfunding becoming so popular now, this particular ICO has entered the industry at just the right time. 95%
  • VISION : This is a very insightful solution that could very well prove extremely beneficial to the Cryptocurrency industry. The foresight to build a product that is scaleable for both investors and startups is great for all involved. 90%
  • RISK : The White Paper is extremely detailed and highlights the possible issues with funding at the moment. 80%
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