CoTrader ICO – Disrupt The $85 Trillion Global Investment Funds Industry

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Defining CoTrader

The main aim of the Cotrader platform is to rise to the position of the highest rated Cryptocurrency trading and investing marketplace, which will be able to decentralize, democratize and also disrupt the entire market for investment funds.

CoTrader has keenly observed the rising interest that is currently experienced in the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain and decided to come up with ways of the complexity that those who want to invest in these market spaces face.

CoTrader Token


Symbol: COT
Price: 1 ETH = 500,000 COT
Hard Cap: $10,000,000
Soft Cap: $2,000,000
ICO Crowdsale Start Date: 30th July
ICO Crowdsale End Date: 28th august 2018

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The Features of CoTrader

CoTrader ICO investors trade together

The Blockchain Investment Funds Marketplace for CoTrader boasts of certain features and are some of them:

• The Cotrader Smart Funds – With this great tool, the fund managers will get to prove their Return on Investments and carry out various trading activities for the investor. The Smart Funds works in a great way as it supports various Initial Coin Offering-based trades such as sales of ICOs, group-buy discounts, as well as international KYC.

• The Cotrader Protocol – This is the second feature that is present here and it also helps a great deal. For purposes of proving the return on investment of the manager of the fund, the platform uses a privacy-preserving protocol, which is capable of facilitating ring signatures as well as zero-knowledge proof.

• The Cotrader DEX – The trading of virtual coins that take place in this platform can only happen because of the decentralized exchange. The same decentralized exchange also for the trading of the fiat assets by ensuring that they are tokenized.

CoTrader Team

The team that is behind this ICO project is made up of professionals and very skilled individuals in this market. For Data Science and Algorithmic Trading, Eric Zeng mans everything, while Barak Ben-Ezer, another professional comes in as Crypto Fin-Reg advisor. There are also other professionals such as Jimmy Naraine and Ori Levi, both working as Communications Advisor and Marketing Advisor respectively.

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The Review

CoTrader ICO – Disrupt The $85 Trillion Global Investment Funds Industry

9 Score

"For a new Cryptocurrency enthusiast who is looking for a means of building networks in this fast-growing market, CoTrader is here with a good gateway. It also enables the user to take part in several real-world and virtual assets trading spaces, which is not only unique but adds to its growing legitimacy. "

Where to buy:

The Good

  • The distribution plan is so clear and transparent.
  • The ICO crowdsale has been allocated enough time.
  • It will entirely give the cryptocurrency market a new definition.

The Bad

  • Nothing relevant.


  • TEAM : If success could be judged based on the team behind a particular ICO, then CoTrader passes all the tests. It has some of the best minds in as much as Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is concerned. 80%
  • VISION : This Initial Coin Offering project has one of the best concepts and also a great competitor analysis. 90%
  • PROJECT : The main aim of this platform is to democratize and decentralize the whole investment fund market and it appears to have the tools needed for that. 90%
  • RISK : Since nearly everything is decentralized here, there is nothing to worry about. 100%
Kinsley Moore


Kinsley Moore

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