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Blackbox ICO – A Decentralized Platform To Manage The Future Of Work

What is Blackbox?

Blackbox is a new solution that could really change the way that we work. It is a business operating system that runs off of Ethereum with a plethora of benefits for those that use it. This DApp will make a huge difference for those in the procurement and compensation fields.

This platform is being developed with the individual in mind. It will not only offer Artificial Intelligence but will allow every single user to access services and enjoy the huge synergy of a massive team even though the customer may well be one single consultant. And it doesn’t matter where said individual is from, their experience or their socio-economic grouping. Everyone makes the most of these advantages.

The White Paper provides further details on the plan.

Blackbox Token


Token: BBOS
Pre-ICO Price: 1 BBOS = 0.16 $
Price: 1 BBOS = 0.16 $
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Public Sale Begin On: 25th July 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 3rd August 2018
Hard Cap: $10,000,000

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Blackbox Operating SystemFeatures of Blackbox

• Every single proposal that is held on the Blackbox Network can be commented and voted on. The network is extremely transparent and offers users a chance to have their input.

• Because of the technology used in this solution, accuracy is absolutely guaranteed.

• The decentralized approach also ensures that personal data is not shared or compromised.

• Once the proposal is upload, any compensation, and any other financial requirements are agreed on. Everything is very clear and simple with milestones outlined and necessary dates listed. Again, is very transparent.

The Team Behind Blackbox Foundation

The 17 strong team and six advisors have a huge ask ahead of them but looking through the experience and knowledge that is shared, it certainly is not beyond their talents. The two founders come from a venture capital and software/Blockchain background. The remaining 15 members of staff add a great deal of experience in management, venture capital, marketing, software, and finance. HR, strategy development, and technology management are further skills that can be added to the mix.

There are also a further six intelligent heads to support the team. Skill sets include start-ups, ICOs, and law. Once again, the advisors offer a large amount of experience in their chosen field and only compliment the knowledge of the team above.

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