BitBose ICO – The Future Of Crypto Investments

Bitbose gives its users a number of opportunities, in terms of mining and trading solutions, the management of smart portfolio, resourceful smart crypto & fiat loans, quick Peer to Peer transactions, as well as aspiring to be the first Cryptocurrency bank that the world will witness.

BitBose has all the potential to create a foundation that would greatly transform the crypto market. This is because it is fully powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, besides the fact that it is a wholly KYC/AML-compliant Blockchain trading platform. In addition to that, BitBose also uses the DPOS, which is an intergraded consensus protocol.


Token Symbol: BOSE
Token Standard: ERC-20
Sale of Tokens Start Date: 16th July 2018
Sale of Tokens End Date: 30th November 2018
Hard Cap: $45,000,0000
Soft Cap: $5,000,000

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Features of the BitBose Platform

• One thing that makes this platform unique is the fact that it will be designed with a system for the smart portfolio management. This program will come with a number of solid components that give the investors a passive and stable income.

• The mining program for BitBose will allow its users to mine the BOSE tokens and, in return, attain a flow of stable income while applying this amazing method. The application of virtual asset mining program, the miners will be able to confirm all the transactions that have been undertaken. In return, the first miner that will be able to validate the transaction shall be rewarded with amazing incentives. With several miners joining in, the validation of the transaction will increase and this will make the operation appear so safe.

• The team behind Bitbose ICO has also created a modern, safe and unique wallet that can be used for the purposes of keeping the BOSE tokens.

• The platform also has plans of introducing a program for the BitBose crypto loans. This will give the users an opportunity to get real cash without having to look for ways of trading with their crypto assets. The other thing that makes this program amazing is its rates of interest, which are very competitive and do not require any sort of advanced payments.


For any Initial Coin Offering campaign to see the light of the day, the team behind it must be a competent one. BitBose happens to be one of such ICOs. It is backed up with a zealous team of experienced professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. This is one of the reasons why its trust, reliability, and credibility have just come by default.

The main team behind this first revolutionary virtual asset financial platform is made up of Lalit Bansal, Naviir Kapoor, Krystelle Galano, Sydney Ifergan, Mark Kreimerman, Boris Otonicar, Mahesh Chand, and Laura Zaharia.


Bitbose platform has all the indications of rising to become the best Cryptocurrency investment platform. It has been designed with one main aim; to offer innovative and affordable Cryptocurrency investment solutions.

In addition to that, it will also be able to provide technically superior and amazing trading platform that will do away with all the inefficiencies that are witnessed in the current market.

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