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Defining APRES Platform

This is the best description that suits Apres: a decentralized press marketplace based on Blockchain and is entirely designed to fix the gap between events, times, responses, access, and reports.

Apres, which is the main company behind this panned ICO, has a mission of making sure that the common consumer is empowered to read, review, and publish information and ideas on the Internet. In return, they will be able to greatly earn from it.

The main aim of this platform is to be the leader in keeping the governments, companies, and the society in check. It does this by strongly standing on the side of truth and doing all it can to bring free information access, freedom of speech, as well as dissemination of free news.


Token Symbol: APS
Token Platform: Ethereum
Accepts: ETH
Price: 1 APS = 0.008 $
Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH
The ICO Began in March and Ended on June 2018

Website | Telegram | ANN Thread
Apres Roadmap

Features of APRES

• One thing that places Apres ahead of its game is the fact that it empowers its users to undertake all the earlier mentioned activities at no subscription fees.

• It is basically a society-owned press network that gives the consumers an opportunity to review, publish, comment and generally make a difference in the society.
• The other feature that makes this platform a great one is the fact that it, in the end, rewards its users with an APS token.

• Apart from being mainly offered as a bounty, the token reward is also given to demonstrate the user’s support and contribution to the platform.

• It has one of the best tokens, capable of processing transaction within a short time and at a very affordable cost.


It is currently headed by Humphrey Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, who is the main founder. Mr. Hanson is assisted by co-founders Nico Van Severen and Joel Walkenhorst, among others.


Apres is set to completely transform the ecosystem of news publishing, creation as well as consumption, all courtesy of the Blockchain technology. It will also give its users a dependable and transparent marketplace, where they can publish and get various information.

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