Pre-Orders Have Been Big For The New Mineberg Miners

It’s all go this week as a large amount of pre-orders were put in for the latest Mineberg miners, the new generation 7nm.

The BitWare Group


The brain behind this latest piece of hardware is London-based BitWare Group. Although the company does operate out of the UK, the group has large connections to Israel. The firm focuses on Bitcoin mining machines which are very much built on the BitWare’s 7nm ASIC microcircuits.

The organisation has gone from strength to strength and today houses 4 laboratories and a staff of 45 engineers. The whole group has a lot of experience which has got the firm to where it is today and will enable the company to develop well in the future. Knowledge and attributes come from development, prototyping and the encasing of ultra-large integrated microcircuits (ULIM). But it certainly does not do all of this alone working closely with strategic factories and suppliers seeking their support where necessary. BitWare completes the full production of equipment with the assistance of partners around the world.

The Latest Version


The last month of this year will see the much anticipated Mineberg BTC Immersion Chassis mining equipment arrive on the market. The hardware – with a hashing power of 130 terahashes per second – will have a mining speed of 487.5 gigahashes per second which is a massive improvement on current rates.

There is talk that this new product can really support miners in securing massive amounts of profits from their work.

The very first set of chips will be available on the market at the end of this year with the equipment being delivered to investors a month later. There is no doubt about the fact that this is going to be the best option for many. You can not only mine a vast amount but you can also do this at greater profitability.

Comparisons have already been made with pervious versions and it is very clear of what can be achieved with this newest version. The speed of mining is increased by 20% and the amount of power required has been reduced by 40% when compared with the 10-nm FinFET hardware.

All About Pre-Ordering


As soon as the Pre-ordering option had been made live, there were 30 orders received in just the one day. And in amongst these 30 there are six very big international names in the system integrator field. This is an extremely promising start.

It is a very exciting time for Bitcoin mining with this new system on the market in just a matter of months. Not only are costs reduced but most importantly the impact of mining on the environment is also reduced with a large decrease in the amount of power required. With mining becoming more and more difficult a very effective mining machine is needed to keep things not only simple and cost effective for the miners but also for the industry as a whole. A great piece of news for all concerned.

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