Oracle To Release Its Blockchain-As-A-Service Platform

Oracle Joins In

Back in October 2017 in San Fransisco, Oracle announced its new Blockchain cloud platform. The Blockchain-as-a-service offering has been developed with the aim to improve and extend the Oracle range of cloud-based products. Oracle is looking to work with every size of firm from small to large as well as start-ups. Their package should be attractive to all because the price tag will very much depend on the transaction volume. As technology moves forward and the world begins to see the full range of Blockchain’s ability, Oracle is using its cloud products to really support companies with digitalization. The company truly believes in assisting companies to take the major step forward with technology and is making life as easy as possible for those companies buying the Oracle products.

Additionally to this, the new release has also allowed Oracle to tighten up its cloud services and ensure that everything is as secure as it should be. The company has certainly taken advantage of the moment and will launch a much more efficient cloud experience for its customers.

There has been a concern in the past that this may not be the right step forward for Oracle who is one of the world leaders in software. Many believe that this new product actually works against what the company has stood for by allowing information to be sent out in a decentralized fashion. However, senior executives at the firm have been very positive in their response suggesting that this new release can only be advantageous to customers. It will also lead to a higher requirement of storage due to the nature of the distribution of the Blockchain ledgers. As all participants receive a copy of the data, more storage space is required to hold all of this information. Something that Oracle can also assist with.

The New Cloud

It has been announced that Oracle is about to release its much-awaited platform for Blockchain. Details have come to light that the launch could, in fact, be as early as this month. To be honest, this is overdue considering that Microsoft and IBM have already launched theirs. There have also been a plethora of similar releases in China from Huawei, Baidu, and

A month after this release, the distributed ledger technology app will be launched.

Although this new cloud platform was first unveiled 7 months ago, time has been taken to make sure that the platform is fit for purpose and ready for the market straight away. A launch date was never given at the time, so the industry has been very patiently waiting on the edge of its seat. The time has finally arrived.

This new release will allow users to be able to share their service with business and preferred customers etc., which is a real added benefit to most businesses.

Other Blockchain projects are already in the bag for Oracle, so the company has most certainly and finally joined the new generation of technology.

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