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Is It That Difficult To Build a Mining Rig?

There is still a lot of talk about Crypto Mining and the profits that can be attained from it – although a lot of patience is required especially in today’s financial climate.

Crypto Mining was once a very simple and easy thing to do at home, but as it has become harder to mine, the amount of power required to mine and therefore the cost of power has risen unbelievably. Bitmain – the Chinese based hardware producer for ASIC – is making an absolutely fortune from its Bitcoin mining processors so there is still a huge market out there. However, the cost of said rigs is extremely expensive and something which the majority of the public simply cannot afford. So, is it really that hard to develop your own little mining machine in the four walls of your own home? Let’s see…

What’s Your Cryptocurrency?

The very first step you need to make before actually building your own rig is to decide on the Cryptocurrency that you would like to mine. As with any investment, this will involve a lot of hard work and research before taking step two. You really need to know what you are getting yourself into, how the market is reacting at the moment and which Cryptocurrency is likely to prove most profitable for you and the investment you are making. Depending on which Cryptocurrency you ultimately choose you will hopefully receive profits for years to come. But as highlighted above, patience is a big factor with Cryptocurrency mining. You may also need to have a bit of technical nouse about you as well as the dedication and tenacity.

Crypto Mining

So What’s Next?

The next level is to get down to the nitty gritty and build the actual machine. Many have said that it is like building a computer just with a few different technical aspects and specifications. For instance, you do no need any sound when mining so this can be left out of your build. A lot of computers are developed to allow for gaming to take place. Again something which is not required for your mining machine so you all you should actually need is the bare basics which will include: the most basic of HD; 5 plus GPUs (which have to be the best possible versions); RAM of the smallest amount; a very low clocked CPU. Once you have purchased all of the above, find some way of putting them all together in a tower. Just remember, this particular element does not need to be expensive just practical.

And Which GPU?

The graphics card for your mining rig will be one of the most important elements. This is the only part of the build where you need to source the best with the highest hash rate. You can get started with just one GPU but five or more are optimum. The other consideration with the GPU is the power required for usage. Try and keep this figure as low as possible to jeep your electricity bills down.

And that is basically it – go get ‘em!

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