Gibraltar Launches A New Exchange

Gibraltar Launches A New Exchange

Gibraltar Moves Forward

Another Crypto Exchange has joined the new digital economy bringing the number to well over 200.

The very small British country of Gibraltar located on the south of Spain opened up its Stock Exchange this week and has already seen its first token sale take place on its token platform. The exchange has been brave and bold in its opening and already has six Cryptocurrencies on the go. The six are: Bitcoin (BTC); Ethereum (ETH); Rock token (RKT); Litecoin (LTC); Bitcoin cash (BCH); Ethereum classic (ETC).

Digital Asset Exchange

The GBX Digital Asset Exchange is part of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and is regulated under three umbrellas: The Guernsey Financial Services Commission; The European Securities and Markets Authority; HM Revenue & Customs. So there is absolutely no concern about its safety and authenticity with these three big boys behind it. Those wanting to use the GBX Digital Asset Exchange do need to undergo an application process and meet the KYC requirements. Once all necessary steps have been taken, users have the option to become involved using USD.

The GBX Digital Asset Exchange opened to the public with the following trading pairs on offer: RKT/USD; ETH/USD; BTC/USD. And as an added bonus from the newest of the Cryptocurrency exchanges, those that have already registered with the exchange and continue to do so before the 17th August will be treated to zero-fee trading. This wonderful promotion will be available until the 14th September.

The first launch of the new exchange happened back in June with 300 participants used as guinea pigs to trial the change and ensure it was market ready. After said soft launch, changes were made following feedback from those taking part. And these improvements have helped shape it into the exchange that it is today.

Gibraltar Launches A New Exchange

The GBX Grid

In addition to the GBX Digital Asset Exchange, the GBX Grid is the Cryptocurrency hub. As highlighted above, the very first token sale has already taken place and three more are in the pipeline. It is a tough exchange to break into and only those that have passed the strict regulations can enjoy the fruits of this grid. The reason behind the tough restrictions is the fact that the Grid is aiming to become one of the best sales platforms in the world so has set its hopes high.

There are already plans afoot to extend the exchanges and make improvements, with an app in the developmental stages and ready for release to the general public very soon. There is great optimism for this exchange and the team behind it certainly will not be sitting still now that everything is fully operational.

Both digital asset and the token exchanges are supported on an institutional grade solution which means that there are both excellent governance and best practices followed from the very start. This is extremely positive for the industry as a whole and offers great security for those using the GBX Digital Asset Exchange and GBX Grid.

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