German Stock Exchange

German Stock Exchange Takes The Lead


Germany has made a ground breaking move in the world of Cryptocurrencies and is now responsible for developing the first of a new wave of apps. Germany’s number two in stock exchanges – Boerse Stuttgart – is developing its own ICO solution which will effectively become a digital economy end-to-end system.

German Stock Exchange

Boerse Stuttgart has just produced BISON – a Cryptocurrency trading app – which will be available in just a few months. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin will be supported initially with more to follow soon after. This is an impressive addition to the market with a great selling point in that there are no trading fees which certainly does separate it out from the rest. BISON also boasts the fact that it is also the first of its kind with a more traditional stock exchange supporting it which is currently unheard of. There are many reasons why this is an extremely positive statement, one of which is that its reputation will be increased dramatically. The announcement alone that there is a traditional stock exchange behind BISON means that users will see this as a more secure and long standing app rather than just another dream that soon falls to the ground. And in addition to, this new app also alleviates the need for Crypto wallets so it could not be easier. There is also a very easy to use identification process which is another one of the plus points over other similar apps. Registration takes only a few minutes and you are then good to go. There are further versions planned which will include great new additions to the app.

Platform For ICOs

And if BISON wasn’t enough, there is now a further development with a fabulous solution for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Boerse Stuttgart has been extremely strategic in its planning and implementation and is leading the way forward for other exchanges and countries. Their new initiative sees a multilateral trading platform launched for Cryptocurrencies.

This ICO platform will be able to provide tokens for corporate finance but not only that it will also be able to supply services such as rights presentation and the ability to support new launches. The system is also regulated which answers a lot of concerns for investors and retailers alike. What is there not to like or be worried about?

What’s The Future

All of the above just further proves the exchange’s dedication to the digital economy and the advances it is hoping for with this new generation of finance. The aim with Boerse Stuttgart has always been to be a leader in digitising the finance industry and this is certainly proving true at the moment. And the exchange certainly has all of the experience to pull of this new venture. The group behind the company has a sterling reputation which will only set it in great stead for the future. And it is this that it will rely on to develop their services onto more digital ones. Whatever will be next?

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