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EOS: Things With The Launch Are Now Getting Interesting

What Has Happened?

After a fairly quiet and consistent launch to the EAS Blockchain code last weekend, things have now taken an interesting turn.

As has been widely reported, the code released was open-source which meant that all is pretty much to play for with who takes EOS to the final launch. Block.One – the company behind the EOS software – took this rather controversial decision when releasing the code and the approach has caused a lot of confusion in the Cryptocurrency industry. The EOS community and users were then left to pick up the pieces and be held responsible for releasing the EOS Blockchain software. This is where things started to heat up with two groups vying to launch the EOS Blockchain. Both groups were furiously testing their own versions of the Blockchain with the sole aim of seeing their version finally released. It was a race to the finish that is for sure.

The Update Now?

As has already been reported, the necessary information on the Ethereum Blockchain has been detailed so that it is clear who owns what coins once the software is finally released. The coins can then be distributed to the necessary wallets.

Testing is still taking place at the moment and will continue to do until the team overseeing the launch of the code are fully happy that the software’s market ready. This will be the final piece of the puzzle.

There is a lot riding on the launch of the EOS Blockchain for many reasons. Firstly the accolade of actually rolling this unorthodox software out in the first place will be a huge PR stunt for the successful group. There is also the little matter of the fact that the group launching the EOS Blockchain will more than likely be voted in by the customers to be one of the sacred 21 validators of the Blockchain.

Having two competing groups working on two different versions of the software – which have now reached agreement – has certainly been very beneficial for the end product. Many developers have been working on the software and have between them built the best possible version for release. There is hope that the two parties can continue to work together in the future.

When Is The Launch?

Whatever the outcome with the launch of the EOS Blockchain, the competition of the two groups has certainly sped things up and it will not long be the launch is announced by the accepted candidate as announced by the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG). This has followed a very intense few hours of validation and working plans leaving the two rival groups agreeing on one way forward. A great result for all concerned as there was only ever going to be room for one EOS Blockchain.

EMLG has suggested that timing really is vital now and the EOS Blockchain needs to be launched as soon as possible. It is hoped that this will happen over the next couple of days. Another very gripping part of Cryptocurrency history in the making.

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