Education Is Booming

As is pretty much expected with all of the hype around the industry, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are attracting a huge wave of new graduates into courses worldwide. As more and more courses become available, so does the humber of graduates flocking to join them.

The American Universities


It is now stated that 42% of the top 50 universities in the United States have “at least one” course which is dedicated to either Blockchain or the Cryptocurrency industry. Now if Cryptography was to be incorporated into this statistic, the number would actually be 70% and not 42%. Things have certainly moved forward at an alarming rate but the need for such courses is increasing more and more with every passing day.

The American universities are seen as the most forward thinking in terms of courses for the digital economy and Blockchain technology. 27% of all of the world’s unis offering at least one course in these fields is based in the US. Outside of the United States, the National University of Singapore and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are the only other educational facilities in the world providing more than one course in these professions.

American Crypto Universities

Student Numbers Rise


Coinbase and Qriously – a data analytics firm – polled nearly 700 students from 50 international universities in the United States and gained an interesting insight into their thoughts on the digital economy and Blockchain. Students are very keen to study both of these nowadays with the hope that their careers will take off and be better directed because of the latest in technology. One university actually cited that in 2014 there were only 35 students on Blockchain courses in comparison to 230 now. This is quite a dramatic rise over just a four year period. The prospect of a great career and great money are a lot to do with this figure and certainly prove attractive for the youth of today.

Blockchain Labs Open


In addition to the above, American universities are now developing blockchain-focused research labs to really assist with supporting students and the latest technology. In Stanford University, Blockchain Research has recently opened. Other universities are already following suit and more labs will be launched in the not too distant future.

It is a very tough marketplace out there for graduates these days and quite often certain fields are saturated. However with the emergence of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain we have a whole new industry which is simply shouting out for employees. Staff can just not come quick enough in this fast moving industry. Graduates are getting picked up left, right and centre and quite often they don’t actually need to apply for a role, as they are being offered a job as soon as they finish their studies. This is certainly not something which can be seen in the law field where graduates are having a tough fight to get ahead of the competition and secure a place of employment.

With online courses also now booming, the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries are just going from strength to strength.

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