Dubai Is Stepping Up Its Blockchain Usage

Dubai Is Stepping Up Its Blockchain Usage

Being On Top

The biggest city in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai – is now expanding its usage of the latest Blockchain technology. The city is well known for its innovation and accolades for having the biggest and the best in the world whether it is the world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest hotel or the world’s largest Aquarium acrylic panel in Dubai Mall, to name a very small few.

The Latest Technology

Apart from all of these titles, the city is also very keen on introducing the latest technology which can be seen at Dubai International Airport as you enter the country. In a bid to further the vast amount of technology that is already in place, Dubai is now looking to use Blockchain to improve efficiency in its legal industry too. This is on the back of previous announcements that several of the city’s government departments are already working on Blockchain initiatives. Dubai has confirmed that by 2020 – when Expo 2020 will be in the city – the government “seeks to run 100 percent of applicable government transactions on blockchain…”. This is all part of one of the city’s latest initiatives – Smart Dubai. One element of this is the Dubai Blockchain Strategy which has the main objective to review the latest technology available and to see how it can improve the lives of those living in and visiting this multi national city. The ultimate goal is for Dubai to become the happiest city in the world.

What Is Happening?

Dubai International Financial CentreThe latest news coming out of the Middle East is that one of the city’s international courts is now planning on use Blockchain to improve its operations. The court, which is responsible for civil and commercial proceedings in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), will launch a “Court of the Blockchain” to assist with making the court’s procedures a lot more effective and efficient. DIFC is working closely with Smart Dubai to ensure it meets with standards and to also seek support from the agency. This team will then be responsible for implementing a new Blockchain-based legal system which benefits all. At the moment, the team is focusing on Research & Development and looking at the best options. The initial phase will see court judgements on a Blockchain which will in turn allow information to be shared across the necessary agencies – such as the police force – immediately. The end goal is to ensure that all court related documentation is stored on Blockchain with Smart Contracts being used at the same time. This will not only save time but also paper. The latter of which is already another dream of the city – to become paperless by 2020.

Dubai is one of those cities that never sleeps and this is true for most of those living there. It’s vibrancy and ‘permanently on the go’ personality can not only be said for its residents but for its government too. The city’s ruler – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – is constantly striving to improve the city. Initiative upon initiative is released to make lives better and there is no doubt that Smart Dubai and all of its projects will be a resounding success.

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