Blockchain: A new decentralized verification system is launched

Blockchain: A new decentralized verification system is launched

ID Codes released

Civic – the Blockchain startup – has just released a brand new decentralized verification system. Already it is being adopted by a social media platform and this is only the very start.

Currently named ID Codes, the program will be able to give out details on crypto tokens and prices in the not too distant future. ID Codes just needs to merge with new clients – the social network Hilo website – and then the magic can really begin. This is one amazing piece of software that is a game changer. It enables customers to authenticate their identity on their own on both social media and company profiles to name just two.

It is a very simple process that sees customers load their selfie and then a driver’s license and passport scan in the initial stage. Once this has been done, the verification process begins with a unique link and a profile that is verified and then forwarded to the customer. It really will alter the industry for the better.

To Look Forward

The release of ID Codes is a moment that members of the community have been waiting for. Following several fraud and scam cases over the last twelve months or so, the industry has really been looking forward to. It will no doubt hit the fraud in initial coin offerings. Civic is aiming to also prevent executive details from being listed on scan websites. Scammers are providing the details of these executives on their dodgy websites so they can be targeted as advisors. This is one of the main reasons that Hilo has bought into this new release. The authentication of members and investors is becoming increasingly important and that is from the client side and company side.

Civic Comes In

Hilo have released ID Codes to their customers and set up their procedures pretty firmly from the start. Customers who do not use ID still get access to the website but they are restricted on the rewards they can secure, as well as any comments they can leave. Clearly, the aim is for as many customers as possible to use the ID Codes and its solid verification process. Obviously, the main objective by making customers log in at the outset is to make sure that security is as tight as it can be.

ID Codes will be fully available in the fall of this year and the great news is that general public customers will be able to enjoy the service for free with business customers paying a minimal charge. Civic has been extremely clever in developing the program and has distributed over 100,000 tokens that will pay to operate ID Codes. These tokens came from Civic’s ICO in 2017 which raised $30 million. ID Codes is already proving very popular with nearly 100 firms already keen to purchase the software with more to follow suit as soon as its impact starts being realized. Another step towards a more secure industry and one that the users do not have to foot the bill for either.

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