Bitcoin: New Advisory Consultancy Opens

Bitcoin Advistory LLC

Pierre Rochard – the infamous 29-year-old Twitter king – has just opened the doors to his new advisory consultancy aimed especially at Bitcoin clients. Bitcoin Advisory LLC began trading in Brooklyn, New York recently and many eyes will be on this new firm.

The Frenchman suggests that Bitcoin is the one Cryptocurrency that others rely on and as such is the benchmark Cryptocurrency. This can seen by the way that others depend on it as a reserve currency. With such importance lying on the biggest of the Cryptocurrencies, Rochard has launched his consultancy with the idea of giving investors all of the details that they could possibly require, to make an informed decision on their finances. Although other financial advisors and fund managers are offering this service, the main difference with Bitcoin Advisory is the fact that clients will not be paying for anything other than the hours spent by Rochard. Time is the only billable factor. Rochard sees this as a positive step removing the incentive to charge for investments made. He would rather arm his clients with all of the information they need to be able to make their own investments and manage their finances themselves. He is also very keen to be totally open and honest with investing in Bitcoin and not just painting a rosy picture. Rochard highlights that investors must be fully aware of all of the risks as well as benefits with Bitcoin. This is a far cry from the more traditional financial advisory role and a concept that may well go down a treat.

A New Approach

Rochard has not been shy in coming forward about his views on trusting third parties and is very much for people making their own decisions on investing in Bitcoin once they have been provided with all of the data that they need. Both the good and bad.

Rochard has a great deal of experience to share with investors and is especially excited about educating clients on operating Bitcoin nodes themselves. He absolutely believes that by educating investors they can really see for themselves all of the opportunities that are possible with Bitcoin.

One of his most recent roles has been to work on several tools for contributions to software product Bitcoin Core. His dream is to move forward the technology of Bitcoin Core’s wallet to allow people to be in full control of their finances. Again highlighting his wish for people to manage their own funds and not rely on third parties.

It is clear that Rochard is very passionate about Bitcoin and truly wants to see the industry grow and develop for the better. As far back as 2014, Rochard founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute with two classmates from university with the sole aim of educating people on Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is a free institute offering a plethora of reading material dating back 40 plus years. Rochard’s latest project – Bitcoin Advisory – could well be the breath of fresh air needed in this fast-paced Cryptocurrency community.

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