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Are The Tides Finally Turning With Salaries?

A Cryptocurrency Survey

A recent survey has highlighted that around 30% of people would actually be prepared to receive some of their salary paid in Cryptocurrencies. The research was carried out by a British company named Sage and the results were quite surprising in some aspects although very much expected in others.

And The Results

There were 1,000 participants in the survey and 31% of those were happy to receive quite a large proportion of their salary as a Cryptocurrency payment. An additional 37% commented that they would prefer to be paid 1-20% in Cryptocurrencies with the rest topped up with fiat currencies. This offers major background information into the thoughts around the Cryptocurrency industry at the moment. It also highlights that public opinion on the new digital economy is finally starting to change and people are becoming more accepting of it. Further data revealed that 15% of those interviewed said that they would accept most of their salary in Cryptocurrencies with the final 11% confirming that they would be happy to receive 61-80% of their salary in Cryptocurrencies.

The fact that individuals are actually now prepared to receive some or all of their salaries in Cryptocurrencies is a major step forward for the industry. This recent survey took place to find out how the land lies with employee payments, which was extremely insightful. Details on where the survey took place will not be released but the information gleaned from it is vitally important.

Other data obtained from the survey included the fact that females were definitely not as happy to be paid in Cryptocurrencies as their male counterparts. This is very clear from the statistics that show that 75% of the latter would be happy to have some of their salary in Cryptocurrency with only 25% of women stating that they would be willing to do so.

In terms of ages, not surprisingly the 25-34 year old age bracket were the keenest about the Cryptocurrency industry. The next age range up – 35-44 year olds – was nearly as optimistic although slightly more reserved. However, as the age of the respondent got higher the willingness to be paid by Cryptocurrencies decreased. This is not unexpected.

Crypto salaries

In The Future?

It is very much to be noted that this is a very small survey with only a thousand interviewed. However, this is definitely a foot in the right direction and shows that Cryptocurrencies are being seen in a much more positive light. There is still a long way to go before the industry is accepted and the new generation of technology is welcomed. But in an industry where everything changes so quickly, public perception and acceptance is something that will take a little time. Those working in the industry are desperately trying to keep up every single day let alone those on the outside looking in.

In the future, research into the general public’s understanding of the industry and what Cryptocurrencies are does need to be completed. This is something which is missing at the moment and would certainly shed more light on how far the industry has come.

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