AMD SAPPHIRE R9 RX 470 review

For those of you that are interested (or think you might be interested) in Ethereum mining, or for those of you that are veterans when it comes to Ethereum mining, the most important part of your operation is going to be your mining rig. For all users, that means knowing what GPU you should be making use of for your rig, because the GPU will be doing most of the work when it comes to mining.

The mining of Ethereum cand actually be very resource heavy, and this means that your rig will have to be able to handle big, and dificult matematical calculations in both fast and efficient ways. However, this does mean that users will have to put a lot of thought into which GPU they are going to be using. So, let’s take a closer look into one of the popular, entry level GPUs that are made use of for mining Ethereum.

Sapphire R9 RX 470

GPU Features for Ethereum mining

Basic specs:

: 150 W
Hash Rate
: 24.0 MH/s

Modded specs:

Power: 137.5 W
Hash Rate: 28.5 MH/s


RX 470 modding interface

Getting to Know The Sapphire R9 RX 470

The Dual-X Cooling GPU by Sapphire happens to be one of the most popular, and this is because of a lot of different things, such as the dual fans that it sports which are very powerful and they are also very quiet (that is a huge bonus for miners). Of course, the design that goes with the radiator is just as impressive and high tech, and with these to aspects, the Sapphire R9 RX 470 has become known for being a top-notch Ethereum Mining GPU to many users.

The fans that are used with this card make use of a newer form factor with 95mm blades which allow the card to see higher amounts of airflow and also provides higher amounts of heat sinking capabilities, and while it is doing this, it is also much quieter in comparison to the other GPUs. Making use of dual ball bearing fans, this card has a cooling system that it uses that will last much longer by 85% when compared to the sleeve bearing design. What does this meand to users? It means that they still get to keep the same amount of power that they love, without having all the noise, being that there is a 10% reduction of the noise.

Costs and efficiency

This card will cost users around $0.43 a day when it comes to the power consumption. However, when you take the $1.41 daily return into consideration, that is not so bad, being that this means that users will be seing a 327% profit ratio. Of course, users also love this GPU simply because they are able to make the money back that they spent on it in 154 days. The Radeon RX 470 is actually a very good for those that are just starting out with mining. Of course, for those that are looking to do the bigger projects, combining several of these GPUs together would equal out to massive amounts of profit.

Of course, users everywhere already know that the the dual HDMI ports are unneccessary when it comes to Ethereum mining, and they also add to the cost of mining, making it a catch 22. One of the biggest benefits that users will notice when they buy this GPU is that it has one of the best cooling systems around, making it great for entry level mining.

Final Thoughts on The Sapphire R9 RX 470

The Sapphire R9 RX 470 is a good buy for thos that are thinking about using it for entry level gaming. Also, it works pretty good for Ethereum mining, making it a good choice for those that are looking to make a good amount of profit.

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