The AMD RX Vega 64 is a decent mining GPU, and it has a decent hash rate. Its fan driven cooling system, which is the most common type of cooling system found on low to middle market GPUs, could use some improvement. In fact, liquid cooling has been argued to be much more efficient as a means of keeping the GPU cooled and avoiding thermal throttling.

When the info had initially began leaking about the Vega 64, there was a lot of hope that it would be a great mining GPU. It was supposedly going to be a top of the line GPU, and would reign high over every other GPU on the market. It was said that it would reach a hash rate of up 100MH/s. This, of course, was met with some suspicion, especially since the GTX 1080 Ti was only getting half that. It turns out that this was in fact misinformation. Why do people even do that?

AMD Vega liquid cooled

AMD’s RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled isn’t going to get hash rates that high, so you should not expect such rediculously high numbers. People have begun to wonder how the RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled is going to fare as a mining GPU.The RX 580 is capable of 33 MH/s with a modded bios, so many think the new Vega 64 can be pushed even further. Everyone is talking about this new Vega 64 with the liquid cooling system, and this has always been the case when a new GPU is announced.

The Vega 64 is directly competing with the GTX 1080, just like the GTX 1070 and Vega 56 compete. This leads to interest news as developers try to outdo eachother. It will essentially come down to pricing. With the cards so evenly matched, it will be a matter of which one has the right price. The downfall here is that these graphics cards are being sold above the MSRP, mostly because of the mining frenzy. Retailers such as Best Buy are adding as much as $100 to the price, and people are buying them like crazy.


GPU Features for Ethereum mining


Basic specs:

: 300 W
Hash Rate
: 44 MH/s

Vega 64 liquid base mining

Modded specs:

Power: 266 W
Hash Rate: 37.6 MH/s


Vega 64 compared

Is the AMD RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled Going To Be Good?


The RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled version is not going to get anywhere near 200 MH/s. No matter what anybody says, that just isn’t going to happen with this GPU. It will be an improvement on the RX Vega 64 as the previous version did tend to run a little hot, like most GPUs do. Liquid cooling is more expensive but it does a great job keeping the temperature of the GPU down. The price is expected to skyrocket on the liquid cooled Vega 64 due to supply and demand, but when miners finally get their hands on one their should be alot more data on its practicality and efficiency as a mining GPU.

Even with the liquid cooling system, it is still a good idea to maintain a proper ambient temperature in your mining room using house fans and an air conditioning unit, which will help the GPU last longer and avoid thermal throttling.

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