AMD RADEON HD 7790 review

The RADEON HD 7790, with its $680 price tag may not have an entry level cost. It does, however, work pretty well as an Ethereum miner, and pays for itself in about 392 days. The daily energy cost of the HD 7790 is around $1.08 a day, and it has a $1.73 daily return. With a profit ratio of 160%, the Radeon HD works quite well for Ethereum mining.

The engine clock of the Radeon HD 7790 is 950MHz, and this can go up to 1GHz with Boost. While most GPUs have 4GB RAM, the Radeon HD 7790 has 6GB GDDR5 RAM with a 1600MHz clocl and 288GB/s bandwidth. Built on AMD’s GCN architecture, the HD 7790 has 4096 stream processors. The HD 7790 is good for gaming as well as mining, with 256 texture units and 256 z/stencil ROP units. The HD 7790 also has 64 ROP color units as well.

The Radeon HD 7790 is supposedly similar to leaked specs on Microsoft’s Durango GPU. Some say that the HD 7790 is the Durango. It is obvious that the two may share the same architecture.


The HD 7790 can handle two primitive processes as the same time on every clock. Its predecessor, the 7770, could only handle one. This improvement allows more efficient computes as well as improved tessellation.

Many GPUs are designed in hopes of balancing power consumption, heat efficiency and performance. According to the leaked specs of the Durango, Microsoft’s GPU has 12 compute units, and the 7790 has 14. The Playstation 4’s GPU has a total of 18 compute units. The Durango has a core clock of 800MHz while the HD 7790 has 1GHz.

This puts the HD 7790 at the higher end of low-spec GPUs, and in terms of performance on paper, it sits in the middle of the older 7770 and the Pitcairn 7850. The 1GB edition of the 7850 is proving to be a strong competitor to AMD’s Radeon HD 7790.

Resource intensive games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3, which require a lot of the GPU and are known to heat them up are handled fairly well with the HD 7790.

Radeon HD 7790

GPU Features for Ethereum mining

Modded specs:

Power: 128 W
Hash Rate: 12 MH/s

Pros and cons

AMD’s Radeon HD 7790 is a pretty good GPU despite having a high price for its tier. It has some great specs that make it well suited for Ethereum mining. It has relatively low power consumption while at the same time using more power than most of the other low end GPUs. The higher daily return definitely helps to offset this.

Final Thoughts on The Radeon HD 7790

The HD 7790 could be considered an entry level Ethereum miner, but its price tag may seem a bit high to those new to mining. As a mining GPU it is not a bad starter card, and several of these can really boost your mining profit. It is important to remember to keep your mining rigs in a temperature cooled room, using fans and an air conditioning unit if possible to help keep your systems cool.

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