Amazon Web Services To Make Things Easier With Blockchains

AWS and Consensys

Amazon Web Services

(AWS) have made a bold move in joining forces with Consensys – a design studio for Ethereum – to improve enterprise Blockchains. The aim behind this partnership is to drastically upgrade the current system so that enterprise Blockchains are much simpler and a lot faster to run.

Kaleido – the business specific cloud service for Blockchain will hopefully be able to ease the onboarding procedures as well as improving how private Blockchains run. It is therefore imperative that this double-edged sword works well straight from the outset.AWS has pretty much been at the forefront of developing new ideas and partnerships to provide the end customer with the very best offering. For example, a couple of years ago, AWS began work with startups in the industry supporting their needs wherever possible. AWS proved critical in giving members a completely dedicated technical support service and structure. Furthermore, last month AWS launched their new Blockchain networks for both the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric procedures.

AWS sees the relationship with Consensys as extremely pivotal for them and aiding them in their understanding of customer requirements. It will also rocket the development of AWS’ Blockchain impact. Consensys has in the past tried its hand to providing the Ethereum cloud although this was not the success it had hoped to be with Microsoft. Times have certainly changed since this was unveiled back in 2015 and there have been many lessons learned since then. The want for taking things further in this Cryptocurrency is also a lot more apparent nowadays and companies are striving to meet this demand.

The Partnership Ahead

The main issue that will hopefully be resolved by this new venture will be the speeding up of the onboarding protocol for new members to a Blockchain consortium. As it stands right now, this can take a matter of weeks, which is frustrating for all concerned. However, with a public cloud, this timeframe can be reduced dramatically. However, on top of this are further considerations such as the complicated technology and coding that sits behind the cryptography as well as the governance issues. The joint partnership between AWS and Consensys allows a paired IT approach including the initiation of a new release of a smart contract if required.

This new working relationship can also hit head-on the ability to join up and connect the Ethereum main-net and private Blockchains. This is a massive leap for the industry and one that would be extremely popular for all users. This offers several things to clients including providing a ledger, a fixed and constant data point on the main-net as well as the ability to have information that is unquestionable held on this main-net.With a trend towards partnerships similar to this, growing in the Cryptocurrency industry, technology will only continue to move faster than expected and end resu lts better than hoped for. Such joint ventures can only enhance this digital economy industry and make the world a better place.

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