A New Story In Afghanistan

The Initial Concept

A real heartwarming story from Afghanistan shows us the importance of Cryptocurrencies and how far reaching they can be.

Through non-profit organization “Code to Inspire” (CTI), young women are being taught to write code and how to maximize Cryptocurrency Ethereum. CTI is working closely with the well-known Bounties Network to develop an important project that sees young Afghanistan ladies accepting Ethereum for the work they do and the tasks they complete. The project has taken off in leaps and bounds and looks to continue in that manner even though it has only been going for a month.

The Story So Far

Although there is a long way to go with the project and there will for sure be challenges along the way, it is a great first step for Afghanistan and women in the war-torn country. Many women are not allowed to travel outside of their home city because of their families. So by offering CTI, it opens up the whole country to the participants in the team. The women involved can work online or work from the CTI offices in Herat. The choice is theirs.

The initial step was to ensure that all of the team involved had their own Crypto wallets and then the work started. Money earned depends on the task, but at the moment the young women are securing anywhere between $10 and $80 per bounty. The other beauty about this whole idea is that the Bounties Network posts many different tasks – not just Cryptocurrency ones. So the chance to be involved in a wide range of exciting assignments is highly possible. This offers even more developmental opportunities to the women who are priceless.

The brain behind the concept – Fereshteh Forough (CTI founder) – is convinced that this project offers a lot more than just the ability for those involved to earn money, it also provides education for the ladies. It gives them something important especially when you consider they are not often exposed to finances and how to run their own lives in this part of the world.

The main and only real concern at the moment is how to transfer the ether into local currency or dollars so that the ladies can cash them in or purchase other products. Afghanistan is not the only country dealing with this problem – it is common in emerging markets. However, it is a lot more difficult in Afghanistan because the postal service is unlike anywhere else in the world. Many of the houses and roads are not named. Work is ongoing by CTI to resolve this little hitch.

In The Future

This is only the very beginning of Cryptocurrencies in Afghanistan and the development of women. There is still a lot to be accomplished, and there will for sure be many roadblocks along the way. However, the most important step has been taken. The

Afghans now working with CTI are going to change the future of the country without a doubt. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but it can only get better and better for the ladies working with CTI.

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